Rachel, looking for a sperm donor in Bay of plenty

We are a same sex couple seeking a sperm doner to allow us to fulfill our dream of starting a family. Due to fertility issues we would need a private sperm doner throught the clinic. We are so excited to start our family and look foward to discussing with someone who is willing to donate. We would not require any co parenting/roles/financial assistance, just a donation.

Alisha Palmerston North manawatu

Hi there I am a 19 year old female Engaged to my partner he’s currently unable to bring me a baby due to medical reasons and we are both wanting a child to fulfill our lives and we are wanting a free sperm donor in our area I am 6foot-3 in height and I am average weight and I have blue green grey eyes brown/black hair and I have no medical history and I wish that the sperm donor has no father role in the child’s life but has some contact
I’m willing to have natural isemination or the potential donor to jizz in a cup
Please help us fufill our lives

Vinkal sperm donor

Hi, My name is Vinkal. I am an Indian studying sports science here. I work as a group fitness instructor, yoga teacher and a personal trainer.

I was just watching a documentary about sperm donation and thought it is a genuine cause. I am 32 years old, active and fit. I am single and straight. I am not sure if I am ready to start a family yet but there is an urge to be a father. If I ever donate my sperms and someone has a baby, it will be very satisfactory for me. I never had a family and the urge to have one is strong now. This could actually give me an emotional help.

I have no preference in the level of contact with the child. I’ll leave that on the other side to decide and I am open to all methods of conception.

Thanks and hope everyone finds what they are looking for. Best of luck!!

Chloe Looking for a sperm donor I’m located in Perth

Hi everyone I’m Chloe, 26 I live in Perth I am single but i am also a lesbian looking for a sperm donor. I come from a big family, it’s always been my dream to be a mum and people will think your still young you have plenty of time but I don’t feel that way. I would prefer if the donor wasn’t in the child’s life but I would allow them to have updated and to put the donor name on the birth certificates just in case the child would wanna meet the donor. I was thinking how this would work we would meet in a hotel or something and you put the sperm in a cup or something and I would use a turkey base to squirt it in