Kelsey Looking for a sperm donor

Me and my fiance are unable to have children naturally so looking for a genuine donor.
We would prefer a donation only and no contact.
We are both caucasian with blonde hair and blue eyes so would prefer a donor with similar features.
Treatment will be through a clinic so we need a donor who is willing to go to their local clinic to donate to us.
We are self-employed, active and loving people who just can’t wait to start a family. 🙂

babydream Looking for a sperm donor in CHRISTCHURCH

my partner and I have been together for almost 4 years and we have decided to start a family. We are both asian and working professionals.
We are looking for a caucasian donor preferrably blue eyes, but we are open to consider all options.
we want someone who is fit, healthy and clean.
method is AI only and no co-parenting please. we will update you with the baby and hopefully you will be open to meet the child when he/she wants to.

hoping to here from you soon. We hope you are the one who can make our dreams come true.


Chloe Looking for a sperm donor I’m located in Perth

Hi everyone I’m Chloe, 26 I live in Perth I am single but i am also a lesbian looking for a sperm donor. I come from a big family, it’s always been my dream to be a mum and people will think your still young you have plenty of time but I don’t feel that way. I would prefer if the donor wasn’t in the child’s life but I would allow them to have updated and to put the donor name on the birth certificates just in case the child would wanna meet the donor. I was thinking how this would work we would meet in a hotel or something and you put the sperm in a cup or something and I would use a turkey base to squirt it in

Mariah Building a family of our own, Palmerston North

Hello, we are a loving couple based in Palmerston North looking for a sperm donor to help us in creating our own little family. We are very open in regards to potential sperm donors but our preferences lean towards a sperm donor who is 5ft 8 or taller, of caucasian descent, Ginger hair (but open to any),has a good work ethic and is kind natured.
About us, I am a registered nurse and my fiancé is a chef. We are a very kind, loving and nurturing couple who would love to have a child of our own.

We would really appreciate it if you could help us on our journey to building a family of our own!
Feel free to private message us.