self-employed female looking to find a sperm donor

I am a 34 year old single self-employed female, who can’t wait to become a Mother.
In my spare time I enjoy travel, spending time with my friends, going to the gym, and spending as much time with my fur-babies who are extremely important to me and come almost everywhere with me.
If there is anything else you’d like to know about me, please feel free to reach out.
Age: 34
Location: Whangaparapara, Auckland, New Zealand

Dreaming of becoming a mum. Find a sperm donor in Aukland.

Hi there,

Thanks for viewing my profile. I’m **dreaming** for the day I become a Mum!!
I’m caring, compassionate and work as a nurse in a public hospital. I have a great relationship with my family.

Life isn’t easy and I believe I have to reach out of my comfort zone, if I want to become a Mum. Hence, trying this path and seeking where it may lead.

My interests are cooking, baking, reading and keeping fit. I’m settled and well educated.

Look forward to hearing from you 🙂
Age: 36
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Kara Looking for a sperm donor

I am 27 year old bisexual single Caucasian woman who is seeking a sperm donor who ideally would be willing to give me sole custody etc but willing to meet the child when they come of age and want to know you. I have struggled to find the right/real relationship with someone who is willing to settle down and have a family as I have been ready sInce the age of 18, so I thought the next best step would be to find a sperm donor. I am open to having intercourse if need be unless we can work out another way.


I am looking for a sperm donor in Auckland

I am looking for a sperm donor as my body clock is ticking away and my maternal instincts are at an all time high and would love to have a boy or girl of my own. Someone I can help shape a future with and enjoy the feeling of motherhood that has been in me for a long time.
I have lost a lot of weight and hope to complete my Bachelors degree in sport and recreation in order to create a future for any child/ren I may have.
I don’t mind having natural insemination as long as you are comfortable with this otherwise sperm donation would be fine and I am open to the father having an open relationship with the child I may have.
Single heterosexual woman
Looking to Co-parent or Find a sperm donor
Age: 47
Location: Auckland, New Zealand