Matt Sperm donation

Wanting to help those who want to become a parent either way its your decision how you want to receive my sperm an I will respect what you want and don’t want. I have two healthy baby’s of my own not looking to co parent just donate but more can be discussed can do a medical if you wish I’m 24 years old healthy of Maori and European decent my father’s born in nz his father is from england and same as his mother,my mother is nz born Maori anything els just ask 🙂

Henry Otago, South Island, New Zealand

I’m tall (196cm), white, 26 years old, educated (MSc). Blond hair, brown eyes. Social, friendly. Fit and healthy. Non-smoker, moderate drinker, no drugs. Currently working in research at the uni.

I’m straight, currently single, but I do want to settle down and have kids one day myself, just not right now haha. I’m not looking to coparent or be involved in kids lives, just looking to donate to help good people. I prefer couples, especially married. I’m happy to donate help conceive multiple times, so that kids can have genetic siblings if that’s preferred.

Prefer to donate AI, but open to NI with all requisite sti tests and confirmation that all parties are happy with that decision.