Sarah Wanting Sperm Donor Auckland

I am a solo mum of my beautiful 2 year old girl, sadly things did not work out with her father and I preferably don’t want to drag her or myself through relationships to which I have thought about finding a sperm donor as she and myself long for another addition to our wee family. I am straight and have the support of my mother at home. I don’t mind of the father would like a non commitment or commitment arrangement after conception.

Payton, Sperm donation Wellington

Hi I am 32years old of strong Maori decent 5ft7,68kgs fit build curly hair young features for my age and I am willing to donate sperm to any special women In need of my strong gene of baby making fluid I am a solo father of 4 children I’m am fit and healthy so if you are interested mail me and we can arrange somthing to get the ball rolling and get you into parenting šŸ˜

Rachel, looking for a sperm donor in Bay of plenty

We are a same sex couple seeking a sperm doner to allow us to fulfill our dream of starting a family. Due to fertility issues we would need a private sperm doner throught the clinic. We are so excited to start our family and look foward to discussing with someone who is willing to donate. We would not require any co parenting/roles/financial assistance, just a donation.

babydream Looking for a sperm donor in CHRISTCHURCH

my partner and I have been together for almost 4 years and we have decided to start a family. We are both asian and working professionals.
We are looking for a caucasian donor preferrably blue eyes, but we are open to consider all options.
we want someone who is fit, healthy and clean.
method is AI only and no co-parenting please. we will update you with the baby and hopefully you will be open to meet the child when he/she wants to.

hoping to here from you soon. We hope you are the one who can make our dreams come true.


Erana Te Koha Home AI / NI Donor Wanted

I am a 25 year old female from Paeroa, NZ, of 50% Maori & 50% Mixed European descent. I was diagnosed two years ago with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and have been told by doctors I’m most likely to be infertile by the time I turn 30.
I’m looking for a donor to help me achieve my dream of being a mother.
I would prefer either home AI or natural insemination. I am also open to the idea of co-parenting.