Charlotte Please help make our dream a reality in christchurch

Hey there!

Me and my wonderful fiance are wanting to start trying this year, we cant wait to start our family!

We are located in Christchurch so someone local would be ideal. Willing to pay for travel for the right person. Only through AI. And definitely wanting no contact with the child.

Must be happy to have a medical background check done as well as a STI check (we are happy to pay for these).

My partner is a timberyard manager and I work as a cook for a early childhood center.

Thanks so much, we cant wait to start this journey

Kc Christchurch Sperm Donor

First of all thankyou so much for the add šŸ˜Š
My name is KC I am a 35 year old lesbian mother of one 15 year old son from kaiapoi Christchurch although I am willing to travel .
For tha past four years I have only dreamed of adding a brand new addition to our much already loving wee unit. I have done a lot of thinking and reading around how I could make this possible and for me having a sperm donor is what I would love to have happen. I have so much love to give to a special wee new addition to the family . I am unaware of the process and would love for you guys to give me information or your experiences. Iā€™m so excited Iā€™m ready for this next stage in my life I have never been so sure about anything! Thank you so much for accepting me into your guys lives and experiences. . I am looking for AI only and all parental rights but this can be discussed further.

babydream Looking for a sperm donor in CHRISTCHURCH

my partner and I have been together for almost 4 years and we have decided to start a family. We are both asian and working professionals.
We are looking for a caucasian donor preferrably blue eyes, but we are open to consider all options.
we want someone who is fit, healthy and clean.
method is AI only and no co-parenting please. we will update you with the baby and hopefully you will be open to meet the child when he/she wants to.

hoping to here from you soon. We hope you are the one who can make our dreams come true.


Successful sperm donor in Christchurch, Canterbury

Hey, i’m a successful donor based in Christchurch with no known allergies, no mental or physical ailments.
I’m quite flexible for how much contact any recipients wish to keep with me after successful donation,
and i’m available to have multiple children with the same recipient if they wish
If you’ve got any questions or if you’re interested in receiving a donation feel free to message me. šŸ™‚
Age: 26
Location: Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand