Sperm donor wanted Auckland

Hello! My partner and I have been together for 6 years, we are engaged.
We are a lesbian couple and have 2 boys aged 13 and 9 and are wanting one more baby to complete our family.
We prefer a Filipino donor. As my partner is Filipino and I will be carrying.(I am Caucasian)
We would like someone who is open to AI or clinic donation.
We are not looking for co-parent.
Thank you to all the lovely donors!

Kelsey Looking for a sperm donor

Me and my fiance are unable to have children naturally so looking for a genuine donor.
We would prefer a donation only and no contact.
We are both caucasian with blonde hair and blue eyes so would prefer a donor with similar features.
Treatment will be through a clinic so we need a donor who is willing to go to their local clinic to donate to us.
We are self-employed, active and loving people who just can’t wait to start a family. šŸ™‚

Sarah Wanting Sperm Donor Auckland

I am a solo mum of my beautiful 2 year old girl, sadly things did not work out with her father and I preferably don’t want to drag her or myself through relationships to which I have thought about finding a sperm donor as she and myself long for another addition to our wee family. I am straight and have the support of my mother at home. I don’t mind of the father would like a non commitment or commitment arrangement after conception.

Vinkal sperm donor

Hi, My name is Vinkal. I am an Indian studying sports science here. I work as a group fitness instructor, yoga teacher and a personal trainer.

I was just watching a documentary about sperm donation and thought it is a genuine cause. I am 32 years old, active and fit. I am single and straight. I am not sure if I am ready to start a family yet but there is an urge to be a father. If I ever donate my sperms and someone has a baby, it will be very satisfactory for me. I never had a family and the urge to have one is strong now. This could actually give me an emotional help.

I have no preference in the level of contact with the child. I’ll leave that on the other side to decide and I am open to all methods of conception.

Thanks and hope everyone finds what they are looking for. Best of luck!!