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How to Communicate with someone on SpermDonorNewZealand.com

Our friends at Co-ParentMatch.com share their profile summaries of all NZ members who are looking for a sperm donor/co-parent or looking to become a sperm donor/co-parent.

How to Communicate with someone on SpermDonorNewZealand.com

Full extended profiles including photographs of members you see on this website can be found at Co-ParentMatch.com.com

If you want to view an extended profile or communicate with someone you have found on SpermDonorNewZealand.com then here’s how:

1) Register at Co-ParentMatch.com (Its FREE) and then Type in the Profile ID/Username of the person you want to view (this can be found in the Basic Search function).

To advertise to find a sperm donor / sperm recipient / co-parent on SpermDonorNewZealand.com:

1) Add a profile on Co-ParentMatch.com and take a note of your Username.

2) Add a new post or comment on an existing post on SpermDonorNewZealand.com and Leave your Co-ParentMatch.com Username in your post or comment.

3) Anyone who see’s your post can then find your full profile on Co-ParentMatch.com by typing in your Username in the Basic Search function. (It’s FREE to view full extended profiles with photographs)

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Look no further – we have the largest selection of sperm donors in New Zealand available right here!